Care to share your blood?

The blood donation campaign

It is time for Persatuan Bekas Pelajar MRSM Malaysia’s (ANSARA) Annual Pre-Ramadhan Blood Donation campaign again.

This is the sixth time ANSARA is hosting this, to urge Malaysians to give blood in anticipation of the increased demand for blood during the Ramadhan and long Hari Raya Aidil Fitri holidays.

So far during the five years campaign, the ANSARA Pre-Ramadhan Blood Donation drive manage to collect an aggregate of  29, 323 pints of blood.

The best collection so far was in 201o, where 9,089 pints of blood were collected.

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Macho talk, women CEO and big headache – A Voice

Tony F

A big headache for him

With Tony F and Din leaving for Jakarta, flagbearer Air Asia Malaysia will be under 38 year old Aireen Omar. The announcement of a young woman as CEO seems to distract media from the headache Tony is facing.
She joined AirAsia in January 2006 as Director of Corporate Finance and is now Regional Head of Corporate Finance and Treasury.

Before that, she studied Economics and Political Science from the London School of Economics (LSE) and holds a Masters in Economics from New York University (NYU).

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